About Us

Look inside, if you dare.

What is Mora’s Box?

Morina kutija, or Mora’s Box in literal translation in English, is a Croatian online literary magazine for speculative fiction. Our main focus is to publish stories by local and regional authors and to share our love for speculative fiction with the rest of the Croatian and Croatian-speaking audience. In addition to fiction, we publish reviews, recommendations and essays. We also have a YouTube channel for live streams and a podcast, Mora FM, where we talk about writing, publishing, and speculative fiction in general.

While we mostly publish in Croatian and similar languages (that don’t need a translation for the Croatian audience), we also publish stories and reviews in English and are open for non-Croatian writers to submit their work to us.

Who is in the box? (Editorial team)

The editorial team of Mora’s Box consist of three Croatian writers and editors: Vesna Kurilić, Antonija Mežnarić and Igor Rendić.

We are a fan based site and all of our work is currently done on a volunteer basis. We do this out of our passion for writing, reading and publishing. And we just like to talk a lot about these topics, okay?

Where can you find us?

If you want to send us your story in English, check out our submission guidelines:

To read our stuff in English head on to:

Or you can download our magazines at:

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